Whitman is proud of the loyal support provided by the Annual Fund – each year, / 5,000 of our alumni and 30% of current student parents make gifts to advance our educational mission.

Your support for scholarship helps ensure that students from a variety of backgrounds will continue to have access to a Whitman education.

Continued support for priority projects is vital to our efforts to attract motivated and talented students.

Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends are integral to the financial strength of Whitman College. They augment resources available from tuition and 养老 income, improving the overall quality of the liberal arts education we provide.


Investing in Academic Success Through 惠特曼基金

惠特曼基金 gifts have a tremendous effect on the success of our programs, faculty and students each year. 特别是, they give Whitman the flexibility to respond immediately and aggressively to new challenges and 机会. 同时, 惠特曼基金 gifts provide a solid and steady base of support for everything from great teaching to state-of-the-art technology.

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Creating Engaging Relationships and Challenging Studies

礼物 scholarship and student aid ensure that Whitman can meet the growing need for financial aid, compete for the best and brightest applicants, and make our transformative education accessible to the finest students from all backgrounds. 奖学金 investments in Whitman College students will pay dividends for years to come as today's students and scholarship recipients become tomorrow's leaders.

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Preserving the Unique Nature of a Whitman Education

A practical means of “paying it forward,” gifts to 惠特曼的 养老 help ensure that the educational 机会 provided to past graduates will be available to future generations. 惠特曼的 养老 symbolizes its commitment to the enduring values of education, assures long-term competitive strength for our academic program and makes possible the achievement of the College’s mission – as we address the seen and unseen challenges of the 21st century.

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Those who choose to take advantage of 计划给 机会, either through outright bequests or through lifetime gifts, make lasting contributions to the College. 保罗·加勒特, 1913级, passed away in 1982 and left an estate gift to Whitman to fund an 养老. 从那时起, the 养老 has grown more than three times over to nearly $20 million; it now funds three professorships, 基于优秀的奖学金, (即奖学金, 和更多的.

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